We offer the right products to help you grow your business

Zurich International Life offers life assurance, investment and protection solutions throughout the world¹. Our international presence means we’re right behind your business with named contacts, local language support and bespoke marketing initiatives. We have a range of products which mean you can find the right one for your clients, whatever their needs.

¹ Not all products are available in all regions.

Savings and investments

Global Choice

  • A medium to long-term investment plan which allows both single and/or regular contributions.
  • Loyalty bonus after three years’ worth of regular savings.
  • Choice of over 300 funds.
  • Up to 25 free switches a year.
  • Non-contractual.
  • Minimum monthly premium USD1,500 a month.
  • Rewarding special offers.
  • Regular and ad-hoc withdrawals.

International Wealth Account

  • A medium- to long-term investment plan.
  • Choice of over 300 funds.
  • Up to 25 free switches a year.
  • Rewarding special offers.
  • Regular and ad-hoc withdrawals.
  • Minimum premium USD30,000

Vista (InvestPlus)

  • A simple regular savings policy.
  • Increase, decrease or suspend premiums as circumstances change.
  • Save for five years and above.
  • Minimum monthly premium USD300² a month.
  • Over 200 funds available.
  • Invest in up to 30 funds at any one time.
  • Contractual.
  • Access to bronze, silver and gold bonuses.
  • Rewarding special offers.

² Minimum monthly premium in Singapore is USD425.


International Term Assurance

  • A level term life insurance policy for terms between 5 and 35 years.
  • Ideal for business or personal protection.
  • Maintain the plan no matter where your clients move in the world (subject to our business acceptance rules at the time of any change of permanent residence).
  • Can include critical illness or permanent total disability benefit.
  • Can be combined with other products to enable clients to protect themselves as they save.

Futura (Lifelong)

  • A unit linked whole-of-life protection policy.
  • Level, automatically indexed or vanishing premiums available.
  • Single and/or regular premiums.
  • Can include any combination of critical illness benefit, permanent total disability benefit, family income benefit, accidental death benefit, hospitalisation cover, long-term care cover, dismemberment cover and aeroplane cover.
  • Maintain the policy no matter where your customers move in the world (except USA).
  • Choice of investment funds available.

We are committed to providing a stable, secure and profitable home for your customers’ money. Our approach is to create flexible plans that adapt with your customers’ financial objectives, and to provide proactive and innovative solutions to meet the requirements of a fast-moving, global marketplace.

For further information on any of our products and to download relevant literature, please go to www.zurichinternational.com, select your region and click on literature.