The Zurich Culture

Zurich International has been around for over 35 years. We’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to thrive at the heart of a competitive global industry. This hard-earned knowledge and experience are an integral part of who we are.

The insurance industry is changing in some exciting ways, and so are we. Our customers have different needs and expectations based on their experiences with other changing sectors. Our competitors are taking on new shapes, and our role as risk experts is being expanded by the digital revolution which is rewriting the rulebook for many elements of our business.

To get prepared for these very different needs and expectations, we need to forge ahead with our strategy that is rooted in customer focus, simplification and innovation. But we also need to go deeper. If we are going to have clarity on what we offer to our customers in a digital age, we need to have clarity on why we are relevant to them and how we deliver that relevance.

Our purpose and values statements are a new and simplified approach to articulating why we are relevant and how we deliver that relevance, no matter where these transformational forces take us. These statements align with our customer-focused strategy, and provide a “north star” to understanding how we can thrive in this era of change.

Though simple, these three statements go beyond what it is we do for our customers and embrace the more fundamental impact we have on people’s lives. They capture the core essence of what we provide, enabling people, business and communities to face a world of risk with confidence. When looking at how we deliver against our purpose we focus on three core values:

  • We embrace new ideas to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • We are one team and value the diversity and potential of every individual.
  • We deliver on our promises and stand up for what is right.


Flex Work

At Zurich, we want to empower people to work in ways that best suit their needs both professionally and personally, without the traditional limitations of when, where and how work is performed.

FlexWork @ Zurich is our internal program to enable maximum flexibility with minimum constraints. We offer various opportunities to work flexibly in many of our locations. This ensures our customers get the best service we can offer and gives our employees the opportunity to achieve the best possible performance.


At Zurich, we aim for a mix of employees that reflects the diversity of our customers and the communities in which we live and work. Our diversity and inclusion programs are shaping an environment where everyone feels welcome, ensuring that Zurich is a place that values different opinions, respects personal needs, and provides equal opportunities for all.

With the help of our employee resource groups, business role models and advocates we are focusing on:

  • Gender
  • Generations
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation