Fund Centres

Our fund centres are available 24/7 for our internal fund range on Vista and our external fund range available on the International Wealth Account. With the fund centres you are able to look up fund performance, fund prices and download professional monthly fund factsheets.

Vista: UK customers | All other customers

IWA (inc. WPA): UK customers | All other customers

Investment Strategies

The Automatic Investment Strategy (AIS) and the Retirement Investment Strategy (RIS) reduce investment risk by automatically switching your policy through up to five investment portfolios, depending on how long is left until your policy's maturity date. Each portfolio offers less exposure to risk than the previous portfolio. The AIS is available on Vista policies issued after January 2005. The RIS is only available on Vista policies issued before January 2005.

Want to switch funds?

If you want to switch funds, simply go to Zurich International Online where you can switch funds online without the need to fill out any paperwork. Registering is easy and can be done in 3 simple steps.

If you don’t want to switch funds online, you can use the switch forms which can be found on this page on the right hand side.