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Looking after your employees, no matter where they are
Your business relies on the skills and talents of your employees, so you'll want to make sure they are rewarded, motivated, and protected. Whether it's group life and disability cover or corporate pensions and savings plans, we can help you find the right solutions. 

We offer international savings and protection products that can help you maintain critical employee benefits for your overseas and internationally mobile staff. We understand the problems employers like you face in providing consistent benefits for a globally diverse workforce. Senior and highly skilled employees expect to enjoy a consistent package of benefits, wherever they are working, and this plays a key factor in attracting and retaining your high-quality workforce.  

Take care of your employees, wherever they are in the world.

For more information and to purchase our products and services please contact your Employee Benefit Consultant. 

International Group Risk Solutions

Our International Group Risk Solution policy provides group life and disability cover for internationally mobile employees of large multinational companies with a global footprint, tailored to your employee care strategy. We take pride in our consistent policy terms and central management, helping to reduce costs and simplify administration when you need it most.  

Through our International Group Risk Solutions policy, you’ll get continuous cover for your employees as they move from country to country  with one consistent set of policy terms. You’ll have the ability to align benefits at a group level, resulting in reduced administration and a more cost-effective solution to give your employees the protection they deserve. 

It’s important to us that we make our policies as simple and flexible as possible. This helps to ensure that if the worst happens, your employees have one less thing to worry about.

Existing Group Risk customers

Everything you need to know about your policy and working with Zurich - including claims and contact information - can be found here.

International Pension Plan

Our award-winning International Pension Plan (IPP) provides your employees with a low-cost retirement savings solution that is engaging, simple and efficient. Our plan is a unit-linked, defined contribution insurance contract provided by Zurich which can be used by a sponsoring employer or set up under a trust using an independent third-party trustee.  

With our International Pension Plan, you gain access to institutionally priced funds while avoiding the problem of having multiple pension pots in several countries. With just one simple pension pot, you avoid the complications of different social and labour laws, restrictions on contributions and limited investment options, as well as the risk of local currency movements. 

Our flexible plan design allows for tailored contributions, currency options and fund choices, and enables all member communications to suit the plan holder’s business. We are proud to offer our International Pension Plan at competitive prices and ensure  there is complete transparency on any additional fees so, as an employer, you know our primary objective is to support you and your employees. 

These features make the IPP an ideal solution for employers who wish to top up employee benefits where domestic plans are insufficient, or for use as part of a total rewards package for expatriate employees.

International Multi-Employer Savings Plan

The International Multi-Employer Savings Plan (IMSP) offers a simple, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for companies looking to provide long term savings for small groups of globally mobile employees, expatriates and third country nationals who can’t typically access bespoke International Pension Plan type arrangements.

Our IMSP is an Isle of Man based savings plan set up as a master trust arrangement, allowing multiple sponsoring employers to be included in the master trust while being segregated from other employer and plan members. Our IMSP provides access to multi-currency options, institutionally priced funds, professional trustee services and support, as well as simple, online administration, without the employer having to set up a bespoke arrangement.

International Corporate Investment Plan

We also have an International Corporate Investment Plan, offering simple outsourced investment administration for your defined benefit company pension schemes and any end of service gratuity liabilities.

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