Zurich Verify
Privacy Policy

Zurich* has appointed ID-Pal as its data processor to perform ID verification on its behalf. ID-Pal uses biometrics and facial comparison  and is a leading international vendor in facial comparison & liveness testing

Please read the ID-Pal Privacy Notice here - please note that in the ID-Pal privacy notice you are referred to as the “End-client” and Zurich is the “customer

  1. How long is your face data stored and why is it stored for this length of time?
  2. ID-Pal processes the face data for and on behalf of Zurich to provide verification in the form of a due diligence report. This report contains an image of your face alongside your identity document (ID) to demonstrate that you are the owner of the ID. The face data and report are retained on ID-Pal systems until Zurich has been able to utilise the information after which it is deleted from ID-Pal systems. In any event this time would be no longer than 45 days.

    Zurich stores the due diligence report as part of Zurich’s Verification Process on Zurich’s systems subject to Zurich’s data retention policy. You can read about Zurich’s data privacy and storage in the Privacy Policy in the link below.

  3. Does Zurich share you face data with third parties?
  4. Zurich shares your face data with ID-Pal. ID-Pal shares face data with third parties that provide relevant services such as facial matching and liveness tests and technology provision as outlined in the ID-Pal privacy notice (link above). Face data is only held by these providers as long as necessary to provide the services after which it is deleted.

For further information on how Zurich* processes your personal data, which includes your rights in relation to your personal data, please click here

*please note Zurich includes the following data controllers as applicable:
Zurich International Life Limited
Zurich International Pensions Administrations limited