Keeping active during Covid-19

Isle of Man Virtual Fitness Classes with Zoom, to help boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

Ollie Last06th Apr 2020

At Zurich International we provide our staff with complementary weekly wattbike and yoga classes through our friendly neighbours at the IOM Business Park, Cycle 360. Zurich’s weekly ‘Wednesday well-being’ initiative with Cycle 360 is offered to assist and aid with colleague’s health and wellbeing and have always had great attendance.

During Covid-19, Zurich recognise that there’s an even bigger importance to make sure we stay both physically and mentally fit for work and for our families. To help with this, our friends at Cycle 360 are providing free* and accessible online fitness sessions to keep everyone active at this time.

Cycle 360 believe for those who attend regular fitness classes, it's about the guidance, motivation, friendship, and above all, the community. From bodyweight classes, kettlebells, yoga, pilates and indoor cycling sessions – Cycle 360 is delivering live classes to your device for all to get involved with wherever you are in the world, all from the comfort of your own home – importantly, you don’t need to have been a previous member of their fitness facility to join in.

Simply download the ‘Zoom’ app or visit the Zoom URL on your browser, and enter in each unique Meeting ID. Zoom is a video conferencing software where you can choose to have your camera on or off for others to see you workout too, and the instructor of the class will always mute your mic.

Visit the following link for up to date class information including the virtual fitness timetable and Zoom Meeting IDs:

*classes are free to attend, but donations to Cycle 360 free-lance instructors taking the classes are optional. To make a donation, please ask the instructor taking the class prior, during or after the class.


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