Staying connected through social distancing

Humans are wired to be social creatures, and that’s how we cope when a big disaster happens.

Isle Listen09th Apr 2020

Humans are wired to be social creatures, and that’s how we cope when a big disaster happens…

However, in this instance, it is necessary for those with symptoms of Coronavirus to distance themselves from others for the good of the community.

For those that need to socially distance themselves, it will be a scary, daunting and potentially isolating time. It is critical for the good of the well-being of these people that we do everything we can to stay connected and ensure they do not feel neglected or forgotten.

It’s unclear from one day to the next what measures will be put in place in response to the outbreak, making it difficult to lay plans and know how to support others.

We have a few suggestions that will hopefully be withstanding despite the changing landscape…


We are in no doubt that face to face interaction should be the priority to feel connected to others, but where this might not be possible, take the time to make the extra effort. A FaceTime, Video call or even a voice note could add that bit extra to a person’s day in comparison to a text message. Remind them you care and above all stay positive.


If you are one of those asked to socially distance yourself, avoid doing excessive reading aside from the key information you need. Education is important, but make sure you educate yourself from key government led sources and keep your focus on what is in your control. Speculative articles and social media forums are likely to mislead you and confuse the key messages.


For both those having to isolate themselves or that are supporting others, don’t be afraid to ask the question.



Community support is pivotal to allow us all to thrive, so taking the time to do what you can to help others is important. Deliveries of household essentials, food parcels, or simply taking the time to ask will leave people feeling more empowered and knowing they aren’t in it alone.

Above all, remember that we are all living through this unprecedented time and it is important that we continue to support ourselves and each other.

If there’s any more specific information you’d like to hear with regards to managing your well-being through this period, let us know and we’ll do our best to give you the guidance you need.


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