Zurich scheme helps 41 Manx charities

Article | March 9, 2022

Zurich scheme helps 41 Manx charities

A total of 41 charities will receive donations from Zurich on the Isle of Man’s annual charity grant awards scheme.

Every year the leading life insurer’s employees here on the Island are asked to nominate the local organisations they would like to help. Those charities are then asked to submit a video or a written ex-planation of what they would do if they received a grant.

A Zurich staff vote is then used to decide how much is given to each charity. This year 41 were nominated, and the four that topped the poll received a total of £25,000. Hospice Isle of Man received £9,500; Macmillan Cancer Support, £6,000; and Parkinson’s Disease Society Isle of Man, and Graih (a charity that helps homeless people) were each granted £4,750. The other 37 charities which staff nominated will also receive funding – 25 will be given £100 grants, and 12 will receive funds raised from monthly collections organised by Zurich’s Charity Committee.


Macmillan chq (1)

Janet Bell from Macmillan Cancer Support is presented with a cheque for £6,000 by Serena Wood from Zurich.