Employee Benefits (Group Risk)

Group Risk Solutions

There are two options available, the first is a Group Life policy, which is held in Trust and provides a lump sum in the event of an employees death. In addition there is also the option to add terminal illness cover, which is paid when an employee suffers from a terminal illness likely to result in death within 6 months of diagnosis.

If required, there is also the option to add Spouse's Income and Child's Income to the policy, which would provide an annuity payment to the beneficiary in the event of an employees death.

The second is an Income Protection policy covering the disability of an employee and provides an income payment to aid the change in circumstance. Waiver of pension contribution can also be included within this policy. Our Group Risk solutions are only available through an Independent Financial Adviser.

Key Features

  • Flexible policy options
  • Transparent annual rates
  • Automatic cover for anyone 'actively at work'
  • Dedicated Account Manager