Employee Benefits (Pensions)

Zurich Flexible Personal Pension Plan and Zurich Personal Pension Plan

These plans are available as both company sponsored and individual personal pensions. The Zurich Flexible Personal Pension Plan is based on the new Pension Freedoms introduced by the Isle of Man Government and allows increased flexibility at retirement, whilst the Zurich Personal Pension Plan is designed to accept transfers from existing pre Pension Freedoms plans. This means that employees and individuals can hold both plans with the same Provider, using a consistent range of investment options.

The plans for individuals are Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), and are collectively referred to as the 'Zurich Simple Self-Invested Personal Pension Plan'. It is aimed at individuals requiring an alternative to traditional SIPPs by allowing them to balance investment simplicity with reduced costs.

All products are only available through an Independent Financial Adviser.


Key Features

  • Flexible range of plan options
  • Competitive, transparent charges
  • Range of investment options including competitively and institutionally priced funds
  • Online plan administration
  • A dedicated Zurich HelpPoint team based on the Island