Target Retirement Funds

A simple and cost-effective company pensions solution

The Zurich Target Retirement Funds are simple, cost effective single-fund investment solutions that offer a diversified range of investments that automatically rebalance as investors get closer to retirement.

Combining the experience of Zurich International with that of its trusted investment partner Vanguard Asset Management, Zurich Target Retirement Funds provide a one-stop investment solution for employees based on their planned retirement age. The portfolio can then be left to automatically adjust the asset allocation over time to reflect the member’s stage in life.

The funds apply a number of investment best practices, including:


Low cost

As a passively managed fund solution, costs are kept down


As a single-fund solution, Zurich and Vanguard do the rest after members choose their fund


With a broad-based exposure to major asset classes, risk in the portfolio is widely spread


Asset allocation adjusts from higher to lower risk as the member’s set retirement date approaches

See how they work

Find out which fund is right for you

Regardless of when you want to retire, we have a suitable Target Retirement Fund for you! Based on your age and your desired retirement age the following graphs will indicate which Target Retirement Fund might be right for you and provides an indication of the asset allocation of your funds in equities and bonds, for you to ensure it is in line with your attitude to risk.

Please be aware, you will be able to remain invested in the funds after your retirement date and continue to benefit from the automated asset rebalancing through your retirement.

For more information please refer to the Target Retirement Fund brochure or contact Zurich. The content of this Target Retirement Fund Calculator is for informational purposes only, you should not construe this information or other material as investment advice. The stated asses allocation may be subject to change. Please refer to your plan documents, which are available through Zurich International Online and review your Fund Fact Sheets for additional information.


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