Target Date Funds

An automated 'fund for life' multi asset solution

The Zurich Target Date Funds are a 'One choice, One Fund' investment solution that combines the global strength and experience of Zurich with the independent investment expertise of Morningstar Investment Management.

The Target Date concept allows you to choose a fund linked to your proposed retirement date, and remain in the same fund throughout your employment, with the level of risk gradually and automatically decreasing, as you approach retirement. This simple and robust investment process provides an automated solution that helps you navigate some of the common challenges associated with long term saving.


The funds apply a number of investment best practices, including:



Choose the Target Date Fund that fits your needs. Own more than one fund if you have several goals in the future

Single fund solution

Just choose a fund and let Zurich do the rest


Zurich Target Date Funds can invest in both active and passive strategies, obtaining the best of both breeds and add value through manager selection as well as strategic and tactical asset allocation


The funds are actively managed by a reputable independent asset manager

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