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These FAQs will help you with most aspects of administering your plan on ZIO and answer any of the day-to-day questions you have or get asked by members. If you don’t find the answer here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Forgotten your log on details?

    The link on the login page allows you to reset your login details. The system will guide you through the simple 3 step process and allow you to reset your login details. You will be required to answer one or more of the security questions that you set up when you first logged into your account.
    Login recovery page link

  • Can I change my log in details?

    At any time, you can change your login details such as password, username and memorable number by clicking My ZIO on the Zurich International online (ZIO) page.

  • Once a member has been enrolled, when will they receive their log on details for ZIO?

    Members will receive their log on details as soon as the first contribution has been received and allocated to the member’s policy, providing a valid email address has been input during enrolment.

  • Is ZIO the only way for plan members to access their plan?

    Plan members can view and manage their plan via ZIO and also use the ZIO Members App. The ZIO Members App is available anyway they choose, via Smartphone or tablet.  Whenever and wherever they need. The ZIO Members App is available for download from the Appstore and Google Play.

  • How do I change a members payroll reference once they have been enrolled with Zurich?

    Unfortunately, there is no functionality to amend or update a payroll reference via ZIO. Please contact the Corporate HelpPoint team on the details provided and they will be happy to action this on your behalf.

  • How do I update a members personal details once they have been enrolled?

    You can update members personal details in the member administration pages on ZIO.

  • Who do I contact if I need help with submitting contribution instructions, enrolling new members, making sure members have the correct policies or assistance with re-hires and their policies?

    You can contact your dedicated Customer Support Manager if applicable, or a member of our Corporate HelpPoint team will be able to assist you. Their contact details are here.

  • Will the members receive any annual statements regarding their plan?

    Each member will receive a personalised annual benefit statement, our short video contains more information.
    Benefit statements are also easily accessible via ZIO 24/7. The ‘ZIO - Checking and reviewing your account’ video contains more information on how to do this.
    Alternatively, if any members need help guiding them to the reports sections on ZIO your dedicated Customer Support Manager if applicable, or a member of our Corporate HelpPoint team will be able to assist you. Their contact details are here.

  • What if a member wishes to make personal contributions into the plan?

    You will need to create and submit an Employee (EE) policy via ZIO before any contributions are made to Zurich. Once the policy has been created you can include this in the contribution upload file and send the contributions as per the usual process.

    Please note: Personal contributions are made via payroll and are only available if the plan rules allow.

  • Can members transfer contributions from previous providers into this plan?

    Members will need to ascertain from their previous provider that they will allow a transfer of assets to Zurich. Plan rules must also allow for transfers in, details of the plan rules can be found in the member handbook or please 'contact us' for more information regarding the details of your plan.

  • Why do the contribution history and valuation statements not match?

    Contribution history shows the contributions being allocated to a policy as soon as they are processed. Depending on the underlying fund allocation rules it could take up to 5 working days for the units to be bought and invested. During this time there will be a difference in the contributions allocated and the value of the policy.

    Please note: There may have also been a ‘Partial withdrawal’ from the Retirement Account to take into consideration.

  • Can I upload a members beneficiary details on their behalf?

    Unfortunately it is not possible for anyone other than the member to submit their beneficiary nominations via ZIO. If the member experiences any issues submitting their beneficiary nominations online via ZIO, they can contact your dedicated Customer Support Manager if applicable, or a member of our Corporate HelpPoint team will be able to assist you. Their contact details are here.

  • How do I enroll a re-hired employee into the plan?

    The existing record will still be in ZIO and you will need to create new policies via Member administration > Manually input new policies. Please advise our HelpPoint team of the new member joining and employment dates.

  • Where can I find information on the investments available?

    Please refer to the employee guide or the plan specific Fund Centre under the tools section in ZIO. Alternatively, please ‘contact us’ and we’ll be able to help with your query.